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Here is a 180 degree panoramic photo of the The Bridge Home Theater.

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See The Bridge Home Theater featured in several books and magazines:
    Manspace, A Primal Guide to Marking Your Territory**
    Electronic House Magazine*** - High Trek (February 2007 issue, pages 40-44). (Click here for just the text from the article)
    Home Cinema Magazine (German) - Star Trek Cinema in Perfektion (Okt/Nov/Dez issue, cover photo and pages 8-13)
The Bridge was also featured in a home theater newsletter published by B&H Photo

The Bridge was also featured on the show titled "Look What I Did!" (Episode HLWID-109). Check out this clip of the show here in Windows Media File (WMV) format: "Look_What_I_Did_Theater.wmv"

View screen shots from the above "Look What I Did!" episode featuring The Bridge Home Theater

Below are some photos of the theater as it exists today. For more information on how I designed and built The Bridge, please visit the Home Page for this site if you arrived directly to this page. I've also posted some frequently asked questions and answers I have been asked regarding the theater. You can see those here:


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Entranceway to the Theater:

Looking down the basement stairs that lead to the theater.

Looking down at the theater entrance door from the middle landing. The LCD picture frame is shown in this view.

The LCD digital picture frame comes on when the hallway lighting is activated and plays back a series of slides about the theater.

Looking up the stairs. The carpet in the hallway and the theater was purchased from Home Depot. It is made by Milliken, pattern: Checkpoint (508551), color: Onyx (13000).

A view of the theater door and the Star Fleet emblem sconce.

The door leading to the theater.

Standing in the doorway looking towards the screen.

Inside the Theater:

The Bridge Theater.

A composite photo showing the projector startup screen (and the previous 16:9 102" screen). When watching a film, the computer screens flanking the main screen are turned off along with the other room lights.

The front row chairs are Berkline 099's. Each has a Bass Shaker Pro installed underneath.

The rear row seats are some inexpensive yet comfortable recliners and ottomans purchased at Circuit City.

Here is a shot of the back wall of the theater.

Another shot of the back wall from the other side.

A shot of the theater ceiling showing the projector and the central overhead lighting fixture.

Closeup of the simulated LCARS**** computer screens.

The other computer screens.

The side walls of the theater showing the two view ports. Note the rope lighting on the floor illuminating the ramp to the riser.

The other side of the theater showing the cover over the water meter and the emergency lighting system.

The equipment shelves with the Yamaha receiver, Pansonic Bluray player, Toshiba HD DVD player, HD cable box, LCD TV, power center, VCR, assortment of remote controls and transducer amp for the Bass Shaker Pros.

The media shelves shown with our ever growing Blu-ray and DVD collection.

A center console is mounted on the railing between the front row chairs to hold the phone and gooseneck light. The Star Fleet emblem is actually a touch-activated switch for the light.

The X10-based lighting control panel.

No Enterprise bridge would be complete without a replica of the original Enterprise's builders plate. This one was given to me as a gift by my good friend, Mike Hoffman. Thanks, Mike!

Here are the video game ports on the side wall towards the front of the theater.

A closeup shot of the door leading out of the theater.

Captain Picard inspecting the facilities!

Shown here is the latest screen for the theater; a 125" diagonal 2.35:1 ratio screen that is now in place. The front speakers are shown here without their grills in place.

These are the rear speakers set up in THX 7.1 configuration.

Here is a photo of me installing the last of the 56 wall panels. The Bridge Theater is completed!

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