Fireball XL5 Launch Sled 3D Print Files Page

Below are the .stl files for 3D printing a model of the Fireball XL5 launch sled. See pdf for licensing and build instructions.

Note: These files are for your personal use only. Please contact me if you wish to use these for commercial purposes to arrange attribution at

[Files last updated 26-Oct-2019]

3D Model in TinkerCAD by Gary Reighn

Final Build in progress

Right click on the file name and do a "save as" to save these to your desktop.

Fireball Sled Parts.7z (Zip file containing all the following files. You will need a "zip" compatible program to open this.)

INSTRUCTIONS>>> Fireball XL5 Launch Sled.pdf

Sled main top.stl

Sled main bottom.stl

Sled booster holder.stl

Outside sled booster holder.stl

Sled main side girder.stl

Sled middle end girder.stl

Sled forward girder.stl

Sled side plate.stl

sled curved rocket holder rear.stl

sled curved rocket holder front.stl

sled vertical holder beam.stl

sled horizontal holder beam.stl

Sled forward panel.stl

End brace rear.stl

End brace front.stl

Middle brace.stl

Sled end trim.stl

New booster rocket tube.stl


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