Fireball XL5 Rocket 3D Print Files Page

Below are several .stl files for 3D printing a model of the Fireball XL5 rocket. See pdf for licensing and build instructions.

These files are not intended for the novice 3D printer user or model builder.

Some require knowledge in rescaling 3D models and in assembling rough parts into a finished model. Use these are your own risk.

[Files last updated 20-Nov-2018]

3D Model Exploded Views

Right click on the file name and do a "save as" to save these to your desktop.

Fireball rocket parts.7z (Zip file containing all the following files. You will need a "zip" compatible program like 7zip (free) to open this. After downloading the 7z file to a folder, extract all the files in the archive to another folder for printing.)

INSTRUCTIONS (Please read before using these files!) >>> Fireball XL5 Rocket.pdf

Fireball Body tube (repaired 3D).stl

Fireball Final Wing design (rep).stl

Fireball top fin curved & notched.stl

Fireball side fin (repaired).stl

Retro Rocket Side Wing.stl

Fireball jr compl no cockpit (rep).stl

Fireball Jr window.stl

Fireball Body bridge dome (rep).stl

Fireball Body Second bridge frame (rep).stl

Fireball Jr Window Frame (rep).stl

Also included are the following four files of the main body cut into 4 sections for printing on a small printer.

Fireball Body tube piece 1.stl

Fireball Body tube piece 2 (rep).stl

Fireball Body tube piece 3 (rep).stl

Fireball Body tube piece 4 (rep).stl


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