Fireball XL5 Jr. 3D Print Files Page

Below are several .stl files for 3D printing a model of the Fireball Jr. portion of the Fireball XL5 rocket as seen in the Fireball XL5 TV show.

[Files last updated 19-Dec-2018]

Right click on the file name and do a "save as" to save these to your desktop.

Complete Fireball Jr. with Solid Window.

Fireball Jr complete w_window rep.stl

Complete Fireball Jr. without Solid Window.

Fireball Jr complete wo_window.stl

Fireball Jr. Window Plug Exact Fit.

Fireball JR Window rep.stl

Fireball Jr. Window Plug Enlarged Back and Bottom for Vacuum Forming.

Fireball JR Window enlarged.stl

Seat rep.stl

Use fine brass wire to make the handle bars on the steering wheel.

Steering Wheel no handles rep.stl

Panel updated rep.stl

Main Dash tall rep.stl

Bulkhead Parts 1 rep.stl

Bulkhead Structural Pointed rep.stl

FB Jr Front Foot Final.stl

Mirror the back foot to make one for left and one for right.

FB Jr Back Foot Final.stl


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