The files provided will allow you to print and assemble models of Cincinnati and Lake Erie (C&LE) traction freight cars. Two versions of the cars are modeled, one with a railroad roof and one with a flat roof. The models are otherwise identical. The models have been designed in multiple pieces to facilitate printing and assembly. These models were designed* and tested in ‘O’ scale or 1:48 (1/4” to the foot). They may require modification to use in other scales. The models were also designed and tested using a .05mm resolution resin MSLA printer to support the fine details included. Use of other printing technologies may not yield the same results.

You can view the assembly instructions here: C&LE_Freight_Cars_Instructions.pdf

The files for this model are covered under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. You may use or adapt these files as you wish but you may not use them to produce parts, kits or finished models for sale commercially.

The files can be found here at


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