Star Fleet Insignia Sconce


I wanted to put a unique light outside the theater entrance to set the mood. I chose to build a sconce using the Star Fleet Command insignia.

1/2" MDF board
12V LED strip lighting
12V LED transformer

I started by cutting a piece of MDF into the shape of the Star Fleet insignia worn on the shirts of the TOS crew. I routed the edges with a slight bevel to give me a surface to paint a border on. I also painted the sconce in a metallic silver with a black border and the command emblem in black added as a separate piece of plastic.

My first attempt at lighting used a 2' piece of 120V rope lighting. This was fastened to the back and plugged into the recessed socket I had installed on the wall.

The final result served me well for many years but over time the rope light was getting dimmer and more yellow. So I decided it was time to upgrade to something more modern.

For my newest version, (11/2023) I discarded the old rope light and replaced it with 3 strips of 12V bright white LEDs. To power them I found a small 12V LED driver power supply that would fit in the limited space I had.

The original, shown here, was finished in a metallic silver paint. I decided for this upgrade to repaint it bright gold to better match the real insignia.

The updated sconce is a big improvement over the original.

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