Wall Panels

In order to tame the acoustics of the room (mainly eliminate echo and reverberation) as well as to produce the "space ship" interior look I wanted, it was necessary to construct and install 56 wall panels. The panels are each custom made for their location and were produced and installed after construction of the walls, molding and trim were completed.

1/2" Soundboard (4'x8' sheets)
6lb polyester batting (Fabric store)
Dazian PD cloth assorted colors (no longer available)(www.dazian.com)
1/2" staples
1/8" x 1" furring strips
Construction adhesive
3M Super 77 spray adhesive
Industrial strength velcro 2" wide

Here, three panels have been cut to shape and covered with the polyester batting. The batting is secured to the panel using spray adhesive (3M Super77).

The back of the panels show the furring strips glued on using construction adhesive. The furring strips give the tape on the back of the velcro strips something to grip on to.

The cloth is secured to the panels using 1/2" staples.

This shot shows how the three finished panels look. Velcro with adhesive backing, applied to the back of the panels and the walls, is used to mount them.

Some closeups of the different shapes and colors of the panels used. The panels on the front walls are of a darker gray color to avoid them reflecting light from the projector.

Here is the final affect achieved with the panels. The panels also help improve the sound quality by absorbing some of reflected sound.

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