Sci-Fi Moldings

In order to give the room that sci-fi look, I had to come up with a way to trim the doors and windows with something other than traditional ranch or colonial molding. After reviewing pictures from the various Star Trek shows I chose to use a relatively plain, curved corner, rounded edge design that would be fairly easy to build.

1"x4" pine or poplar planks
1"x6" pine or poplar planks
1/2" roundover router bit
Jig or Scroll Saw
Biscuit cutting adapter for router
Carpenter's glue
Behr Silver Metallic Paint

This drawing shows how to cut the pieces used to assemble one of the "spaceport" windows and the router bit used.

Here is a completed window frame ready to be mounted.

Window frame mounted on wall over recessed light box.

The molding around the equipment shelves has been installed.

The door frame molding, while more complex in design, is constructed usng the same techniques as the other moldings.

Here the door molding is in place and ready for final sanding and painting.

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