Ceiling Light

1/2" MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
Under-counter lights (8)
Center Ceiling light fixture (1)
Various other pieces of wood for decoration.

The central overhead fixture was made from a combination of eight under-counter lights and a large conventional ceiling light fixture.

The base for the light is 1/2" MDF. The details are made out of various sizes and shapes of wood molding.

Here the light has been painted metallic silver and is almost ready for installation.

Here is the original version of the light installed in the room.

After some time, I noticed the central fluorescent fixture was interfering with my IR remote control system. To eliminate the problem, I replaced the flat center light with a much deeper light which utilizes conventional bulbs. Problem solved, plus I like the appearance of the larger glass dome on the new light.

I have sinced replaced all the conventional bulbs with brighter/whiter LED bulbs.

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