Cup Holders

In selecting inexpensive chairs for the second row, I realized I somehow needed to provide cup holders for these. Since the chairs were packed unassembled, I could see where I could mount an extension arm to hold the cupholder. All that was needed now were a few pieces of metal, a suitable cupholder and some screws. Check out the photos below for the results.

1/8" x 2" x 3' aluminum stock
Plastic cup holder of your choice (for the ones I used, visit and search on drink holder)
Hardware to fasten cup holder to aluminum

The inexpensive chairs I purchase for the second row were reasonably comfortable but they lacked cup holders, which I considered a necessity. I first started by mocking up something using aluminum stip.

My second attempt involved a plastic cupholder found at my local automotive supply store. It was much better but still not everything I wanted.

My final version uses a cup holder insert from a boating supply company. This one is the best so far. It holds the glasses and cans better and is more comfortbale to rest your hand on.

Please send me an email and let me know what you think.


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