[Last update March 7, 2021]

This is a static model of a fictional monorail train. I designed the model using the many monorails in existence and in science fiction stories, including of course the most well known one, that at the Disney parks. It is however an original design of my own.

The model shown in the photos below was printed at 80% scale from the files provided. It was printed entirely in FDM. The main body pieces should be printed standing on end to avoid requiring support. The tracks sections can be printed sitting directly on the print bed without needing any support. The track and supports were printed in gray filament. The train itself was printed in white and then painted with a silver metal finish. The windows in the nose section as well as on the side were printed in black filament and glued to the appropriate locations to simulate dark tinted windows. Both straight and curved sections of track are provided although the model doesn't really go around curves. They are provided more for looks than functionality.

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These models are covered under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

The files for the Monorail are available at Cults3D for a nominal charge.

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